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Committed to the representation of our clients’ interests, Stepanyan Law Firm offers exceptional legal services with extraordinary results. A graduate of three legal institutions in three countries, and with legal experience spanning multiple jurisdictions, our managing attorney brings innovative solutions to traditionally complex legal issues. We will be on top of your most demanding legal matters, your most important transactions, and your most challenging disputes.

When it comes to client relations, we offer unparalleled, constantly-improving customer service. We are here to mend honest, consistent, and longstanding relationships. We grow and thrive with our clients.

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Areas of Practice

Business Law

Business Clients

Stepanyan Law Firm will exceed your expectations when it comes to your business affairs. From business formation and agreement drafting, to complex transactions and aggressive business litigation, our services will give you peace of mind. If required to litigate, our side will take control of the case both in state and federal courts whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Use the link below to access our detailed list of services for business clients.


List of Services

Stepanyan Law Firm

Individual Clients

Stepanyan Law Firm takes your matter personally. We provide variety of services for our individual clients in all walks of life. For those seeking admission to the United States, Stepanyan Law Firm will help you navigate the U.S. immigration process with ease. For consumers that have suffered from breach of warranty or unfair business practices, we offer aggressive litigation to recover your rights. To view our detailed list of services for individual clients, use the link below.


List of Services

Choosing an attorney

Three Things to Consider

Legal Tools & Experience

Observe and you will see that many small to mid-sized law firms fail to to support their arguments, use scarce case law, and do not pay the scrutiny your case deserves. We have the skillset & access to legal tools that will determine the outcome between winning and losing.* Test us: We offer a free consultation.

Flexible Payments

While litigation cases are billed hourly, we offer flat fees for most immigration and business services. Most consumer protection cases are contingency based with no out-of-pocket payments. We will do our best to have the opposing side pay our fees, whenever a contact or the law allows us.

Free Initial Consultation

Stepanyan Law Firm is an innovative law firm founded by an experienced attorney.  By choosing us you receive both essentials – personalized attention to your matter and an experienced counsel. Call us. We offer a free 20 minute consultation so you can get to know us and learn about the essentials of your case.

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