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“Auto Dealership Fraud is One of The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud

You Need a Dealer Fraud Attorney If..

A dealer fraud attorney is a lawyer who helps victims of automobile dealership fraud to return their used vehicle with prior accident, frame damage, structural damage or other substantial damage history, back to the dealer that sold them the vehicle and to get a refund of their money.

Auto dealership fraud victims often do not know a dealership salesperson has lied to them until they try to sell their car. A typical car dealership fraud victim learns that a dealer made misrepresentations about their car after they try to trade in their used vehicle.

At some point during the trade in process the dealer accepting the trade in or Carmax informs them about the history of their car. They learn that their car has little to no value because it was involved in an accident, was a prior rental, a prior taxi, or a stolen vehicle. This is when you need to contact a dealer fraud attorney, not the dealer.

When the consumer learns about the dealership’s misrepresentations and their car’s prior undisclosed history, most wonder who is at fault. Usually, it is the dealer that sold the car to the consumer. California law obligates the dealers to disclose material facts about the vehicle during the sale. If the dealer fails to disclose material facts about the vehicle’s history or lies about the vehicle’s history the consumer may have a claim against the dealer. 

The good news is:

Hiring a Dealer Fraud Attorney Can Be Free

We handle dealer fraud cases on contingency basis. Which means that you do not pay us anything out-of-pocket. Moreover, in many cases your dealer fraud lawyer can recover his or her fees from the dealer. In those cases you do not pay anything at all for the attorney’s services.

California statutes, such as Consumer Legal Remedies Act and California Unfair Competition Law allow consumers to receive their attorney’s fees and litigation costs from the dealer itself.

An experienced dealer fraud attorney knows how to use these statutes for your benefit. A quick analysis of your case and the dealer’s practices will allow your dealer fraud attorney to determine the best strategy to make sure that you not only recover whatever you paid for your vehicle, but also have the dealer pay for his or her fees.

Hire the Right Dealer Fraud Attorney

Legal Experience

Dealer Fraud Attorney - Experience

Our dealer fraud lawyer has experience in complex fraud and nondisclosure cases against dealers and car manufacturers.

Misrepresentation, fraud, and nondisclosure cases are much harder to prove than other cases where more facts are known to the victim.

Our experience allows us to do a thorough assessment of your dealer fraud matter and develop a winning strategy.

Automobile Knowledge

Our dealer fraud attorney is a car enthusiast. We know how cars are built, whether parts have been altered or replaced.

Paint remains on bolt or screwdriver traces inside your hood can tell a lot about the history of your vehicle.

Our dealer fraud lawyer knows what evidence to look for.

Contingency Fees

We handle dealer fraud cases on contingency basis. You do not pay us any out of pocket fees. You only pay us if and when you get paid.

Moreover, we use California statutes to your benefit to receive our fee from the dealer that defrauded you. Chances are that you will not have to pay us any fees.

A Free Consultation

Stepanyan Law Firm offer a free, no-obligation consultation with a dealer fraud attorney.

Add this to a offer free vehicle history check, a free case assessment, and a free vehicle inspection and your representation can be completely free.

Our dealer fraud attorney offers both in-person and telephonic consultations at our Glendale, CA office for consumers in Los Angeles and across California.

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Auto Dealership Fraud Types

Undisclosed Accident or Damage

Undisclosed Accident

Around 400,000 vehicle collisions are documented by California DMV in a single year. Many damaged vehicles are later repaired and  resold by used car dealers.

The vehicle’s accident history, however, remains on record forever. Databases such as Carfax and Autocheck make it available to dealers and consumers. The value of a previously damaged vehicle is, thus, significantly diminished.

Many consumers buy a car without knowing that it was involved in an accident. Car dealership often commit fraud when they do not disclose the accident history or lie to consumers by making misrepresentations about the history of the vehicle. The consumer thus pays for a ‘clean’ vehicle but receives one with an accident history.

When this happens, a dealer fraud attorney can sue the dealership for lying. You may get either for the full purchase price or the difference in value of the vehicle compared to the one that was not involved in an accident.

Undisclosed Rental or Taxi Use

Undisclosed Taxi or Rental Use - Dealer Fraud Attorney

Just like vehicles with prior accident history, vehicles that were rentals or taxis in their ‘previous life’ have a significantly lower resale value than those that were purchased for personal use.

In an attempt to sell the vehicle at a higher value some used car dealers lie about the vehicle’s prior rental or taxi use from the buyers.

The buyer then pays the market value for the vehicle but receives a vehicle with little to no value. In this case a dealer fraud attorney can sue the dealership and get you either in full purchase price of your car or the difference between the value of your vehicle as compared to one with no prior rental or taxi use.

Undisclosed Stolen Vehicles and Odometer Rollback

Both stolen vehicles and vehicles with odometer rollback have a lower value than their ‘clean’ counterparts. Stolen vehicles usually leave the possession of their owners for a time period enough to swap out parts or make modifications to them. Hence the automatic diminution in value.

Odometer rollback also creates a dark spot in the vehicle’s history where it is impossible or extremely hard to know what is the actual mileage of a vehicle. Accordingly the value of the vehicle is significantly lowered.

If you have purchased a vehicle with an odometer rollback or a prior stolen vehicle you need to contact a dealer fraud attorney to learn about your options.

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How Our Dealer Fraud Attorney Handles Your Matter

Step 1. 

We make initial inquiries about your matter. We will then ask you to send us your vehicle purchase documents for review by our dealer fraud attorney.

Step 2. 

Our dealer fraud attorney reviews your purchase documents and your vehicle’s history to determine whether a fraud or a nondisclosure is present. We then arrange a free consultation.

Step 3. 

We go over the facts of your case with you and inspect your vehicle. If your case qualifies, you sign our retainer agreement and our letter of representation so we can begin representing you.

Step 4. 

California law requires us to formally demand the dealer to remedy its wrongdoing. We send our demand according to California law and try to negotiate the best outcome for you.

Step 5. 

We will contact you if we get any offers from the dealer that defrauded you. Only you can accept or reject settlement offers.

Step 6. 

If a settlement is not reached our dealer fraud attorney files a fraud lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court or the court that has jurisdiction over your case. We litigate until we get a judgment or a settlement.

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