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Used Car Lemon Law Checklist

This article will help you determine whether your rights will be protected by used car lemon law or other California consumer protection laws. Read through the questions to find out almost every possible option you may have.

A book about the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act | Tanner Consumer Protection Act

Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the Tanner Consumer Protection Act are a group of California civil code sections commonly known as and referred to as the California lemon law. These are famous for requiring consumer good manufacturers and distributors to either repurchase or replace a product if they fail to repair it according to their warranty.

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California Lemon Law Buyback Calculation

This formula is used to deduct a so-called usage fee from the total number of payments made by the consumer. The California lemon law buyback calculation is based on the mileage of the vehicle before it was taken in to the dealer for the first time for the problem for which it was ultimately repurchased.

California Lemon Law. How it works.

California Lemon Law – A Comprehensive Guide

The essence of lemon law is contained in Civil Code § 1793.2(d). It states that if the manufacturer or the dealer does not repair the vehicle according to their warranties after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer shall either replace the vehicle or reimburse the buyer in an amount equal to the purchase price paid by the buyer.

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Are Non-Compete Agreements Legal in California?

Non-compete agreements or non-competes are clauses used in employment contracts to prevent former employees from becoming a competitor for a specified period of time within a defined geographic region. Many states permit non-compete agreements.